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SpaceX Stories: The very first intern talks about SpaceX early days and working on Dragon

In another installment of our SpaceX Stories series, we bring you a 2017 interview with former SpaceX employee Daniel Frolich. He was actually the very first intern the company hired back when SpaceX had just 15 employees and was located in El Segundo. The interview contains some interesting stories from the early days of SpaceX and also from Dragon development.


SpaceX Stories: How SpaceX Built SLC-40 on a Shoestring Budget

A new series of articles explores the rich history of SpaceX through interesting, informative and fun stories, as told by SpaceX and NASA employees and others. In this video, former SpaceX employee Brian Mosdell will tell you about the construction of launch pad SLC-40 in 2008. The most interesting aspect of the story is how SpaceX had to be very scrappy and resourceful, reusing old hardware to keep the costs down.