SpaceX Launch Manifest

  • The information on this page is based on unofficial sources and is subject to change. They should be considered NET dates (“No Earlier Than”) and not firm launch dates.
  • Dates are in UTC
  • Clicking the date leads to the source of that information
  • This list might be incomplete


  • Feb 17 – GPSIII-SV03 is planned for April 29
  • Feb 15 – Starlink v1-4 delayed by another day
  • Feb 14 – Starlink v1-4 delayed by a day, will use booster B1056.4
  • Feb 11 – DM-2 preliminary launch date is May 7
  • Feb 10 – IXPE and SWOT delayed by a couple of months
  • Feb 8 – SARah 1 seems to be planned for February 2021; added Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter
  • Feb 6 – SAOCOM 1B is NET March 23
  • Feb 5 – SpaceX Smallsat Rideshare missions have new launch dates; Anasis-II has an unknown date
  • Feb 4 – PACE mission added; Starlink v1-4 has a launch date
  • Feb 1 – Starlink v1-5 planned for March from LC-39A
  • Jan 31 – Added new NET dates for DM-2 and USCV-1; Starlink v1-6 is NET Feb 29; Starlink v1-5 reportedly still planned for February (both Starlink missions can also launch from LC-39A)
  • Jan 30 – Turksat 5A delayed from Q2 to Q3; Nova-C moved to the main list since it should be the the primary payload; Starlink v1-5 will probably launch after CRS-20, not before it
  • Jan 28 – Starlink v1-3 delayed to Jan 29
  • Jan 27 – CRS-20 and Starlink v1-3 were pushed one day
  • Jan 26 – USCV-1 slipped to 2021; added CRS-23 to the list; added Starship moon landing
  • Jan 24 – Added Nilesat-301 mission

Announced secondary payloads with unknown primary missions:

» List of SpaceX Smallsat Rideshare missions

NET Date (UTC) Mission Rocket / Dragon Orbit Pad
Mar 2, 2020 CRS-20 F9 ♺ (B1059.2?) + Dragon ♺ (C110.3?) LEO (ISS) SLC-40
Mar 2020 Starlink v1-5 F9 ♺? LEO LC-39A
Mar 2020 Starlink v1-6 F9 ♺? LEO SLC-40 / LC-39A
Mar 23, 2020 SAOCOM 1B F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-40 / LC-39A
Apr 29, 2020 GPSIII-SV03 F9 (B1060.1?) MEO SLC-40
May 7, 2020 Crew Dragon DM-2 F9 (B1058.1) + Crew Dragon (C206.1) LEO (ISS) LC-39A
Mid 2020 SXM-7 F9 GTO SLC-40
Jul 30, 2020 USCV-1 F9 + Crew Dragon (C207.1) LEO (ISS) LC-39A
Aug 2020 GPSIII-SV04 F9 MEO SLC-40
Aug 5, 2020 CRS-21 F9 + Cargo Dragon 2 LEO (ISS) LC-39A
Q3 2020 Türksat 5A F9 ♺ GTO SLC-40
Q3 2020 SXM-8 F9 GTO SLC-40
Q4 2020 AFSPC-44 FH GEO LC-39A
Q4 2020 GPSIII-SV05 F9 MEO SLC-40
Nov 2020 Sentinel-6A F9 LEO SLC-4E
12/2020 SpaceX Smallsat Rideshare-1 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
Late 2020 CRS-22 F9 + Cargo Dragon 2 LEO (ISS) LC-39A
2020 Anasis-II F9 GTO SLC-40
Feb 2021 GPSIII-SV06 F9 MEO SLC-40
Feb 2021 SARah 1 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
Q1 2021 Türksat 5B F9 ♺? GTO SLC-40
Spring 2021 AFSPC-52 FH GTO LC-39A
Jun 2021 CRS-23 F9 + Cargo Dragon 2 LEO (ISS) LC-39A
Jun 2021 SpaceX Smallsat Rideshare-2 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
Jul 2021 Nova-C F9 GTO / TLI LC-39A
Jul 2021 DART F9 GTO SLC-4E
Oct 2021 IXPE F9 ♺? LEO LC-39A
2021 NROL-85 F9 LEO SLC-40
2021 NROL-87 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
2021 O3b-1 F9 MEO SLC-40?
2021 O3b-2 F9 MEO SLC-40?
2021 SARah 2/3 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
2021 WorldView-1 F9 ♺ LEO SLC-4E / SLC-40
2021 WorldView-2 F9 ♺ LEO SLC-4E / SLC-40
Dec 2021 SpaceX Smallsat Rideshare-3 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
Late 2021 Inmarsat 6B FH GTO? LC-39A
2021–2022 ViaSat-3 FH GEO LC-39A
2021 USCV-3 F9 + Crew Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A
2022 SWOT F9 LEO SLC-40
Q1 2022 Nilesat-301 F9 GTO SLC-40
Jul 2022 Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter F9 ? SLC-40
Late 2022 ASBM F9 HEO ?
2022 Moon Landing (uncrewed) Starship Moon BC/LC-39A
2022 2 Cargo Missions Starship Mars BC/LC-39A
2022 USCV-5 F9 + Crew Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A
12/2022 PACE F9 ♺ LEO (SSO) SLC-40
2023 dearMoon Starship TLI BC/LC-39A
2024 2 Cargo Missions Starship Mars BC/LC-39A
2024 2 Crewed Missions Starship Mars BC/LC-39A

NET = No Earlier Than, NLT = No Later Than, F9 = Falcon 9, FH = Falcon Heavy,  = reused Falcon first stage or reused Dragon spacecraft, B10XX.# = Falcon first stage serial number (# indicates launch number), CXXX.# = Dragon capsule serial number (# indicates launch number), LEO = Low Earth Orbit, MEO = Medium Earth Orbit, GTO = Geostationary Transfer Orbit, GEO = Geostationary Earth Orbit, PO = Polar Orbit, ISS = International Space Station, SSO = Sun Synchronous Orbit, TLI = Trans-Lunar Injection, TMI = Trans-Mars Injection, E-S L1 = The Sun-Earth Langrangian Point 1, BC = Boca Chica, Texas

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be great to also have the total number of upcoming flights manifested


08.10.19 – What changed for you to list the Starlink v1 missions as TBD?
Fantastic website, a big thumbs up from me

Sherri Vonch
Sherri Vonch

So I see codes on the mission agenda for all tmi, is this being replaced on the mission agenda for Mars? Just curious.

Sherri Vonch
Sherri Vonch

Also I see clearly and understand everything except my previous post question and when you talk tli and tmi “insertion” meaning “landing on” mars or moon?