SpaceX Launch Manifest

This is a list of all known Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Starship launches that SpaceX has planned.

  • The information on this page is based on unofficial sources and is subject to change. They should be considered NET dates (“No Earlier Than”) and not firm launch dates.
  • Dates are in UTC
  • Clicking the date leads to the source of that information
  • Clicking the mission name or the rocket type leads to more information about the topic
  • This list might be incomplete, since some launches are not publicly announced


  • Sep 19, 2023 – Starlink 6-17 to use booster B1060.17 B1058.17
  • Sep 16, 2023 – Starlink 6-18 planned for September 24
  • Sep 15, 2023 – Starlink 7-3 delayed by two days; Starlink 6-16 and 6-17 delayed by a day
  • Sep 14, 2023 – Polaris Dawn delayed to Q1 2024; Second Starship launch delayed to October; Starlink 6-18 and 7-3 added to the list
  • Sep 13, 2023 – Starlink 6-17 added to the list
  • Sep 11, 2023 – Added new missions Telesat Lightspeed
  • Sep 8, 2023 – Nusantara Lima launch window narrowed down; Starlink 6-14 to use booster B1076.7

» List of SpaceX Smallsat Rideshare missions
» List of Starship and Super Heavy test flights
» Past SpaceX Launches

NET Date (UTC) Mission Rocket / Dragon Orbit Pad
Sep 24, 2023 Starlink 6-18 F9 LEO SLC-40
Sep 25, 2023 Starlink 7-3 F9 LEO SLC-40
Q3 2023 NROL-69 F9 ? SLC-40
2023 SARah-2/3 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
Oct 5, 2023 Psyche FH (B1079.1 / B1064.4 / B1065.4) Escape LC-39A
Oct 2023 Starship Integrated Flight Test #2 Starship (S25+B9) ~LEO Starbase
Oct 2023 O3b mPOWER 3 F9 MEO SLC-40
Oct 2023 WorldView Legion 1 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
Q4 2023 O3b mPOWER 4 F9 MEO Florida
Q4 2023 Astranis Block 2 F9 GTO SLC-40
Nov 1, 2023 CRS-29 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A
Nov 2023 Transporter-9 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
Nov 2023 USSF-124 F9 LEO Florida
Nov 15, 2023 IM-1 F9 ? LC-39A
Nov 30, 2023 USSF-52 FH GTO LC-39A
Dec 11, 2023 Cygnus NG-20 F9 (B1072.1?) LEO (ISS) SLC-40
Dec 2023 Nusantara Lima F9 GTO Florida
2023 WorldView Legion 2 F9 LEO ?
2023 WorldView Legion 3 F9 LEO ?
Late 2023 Ovzon-3 F9 GTO SLC-40
Jan 9, 2024 PACE F9 LEO (SSO) Florida
Jan 10, 2024 Ax-3 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A
Early 2024 USSF-62 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-4E
Feb 2024 CRS-30 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
Feb 2024 Crew-8 F9 + Dragon (C206.5) LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
Feb 2024 Transporter-10 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-40/SLC-4E
2024 Cygnus NG-21 F9 LEO (ISS) Florida
Q1 2024 Polaris Dawn F9 + Dragon (C207.3) LEO LC-39A
Q1 2024 BlueBird Block 1 F9 LEO ?
Mar 2024 Türksat 6A F9 GTO Florida
Apr 2024 Bandwagon-1 F9 LEO ?
Apr 2024 GOES-U FH GTO? LC-39A
Q2 2024 EarthCARE F9 LEO SLC-4E?
May 2024 Blue Ghost F9 TLI Florida
H1 2024 Thuraya 4-NGS F9 GTO Florida
2024? IM-2 F9 TLI LC-39A
Jun 2024 Transporter-11 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-40/SLC-4E
Jun 2024 CRS-31 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
Jul 2024 Cygnus NG-22 F9 LEO (ISS) Florida
Jul 2024 USSF-36 F9 ? SLC-40
Summer 2024 SpainSat-NG I F9 GTO Florida
Aug 2024 Ax-4 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A
H2 2024 O3b mPOWER 5 F9 MEO Florida
Oct 2024 Hera F9 ? ?
Oct 2024 Europa Clipper FH (?/B1074.X/B1075.X) Escape LC-39A
Oct 2024 Transporter-12 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-40/SLC-4E
Nov 2024 Bandwagon-2 F9 LEO ?
Nov 2024 Griffin Mission 1 FH TLI LC-39A
Late 2024 SDA T1TL-A F9 LEO (PO) SLC-4E
Dec 2024 CRS-32 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
2024 Uncrewed HLS Test Starship Moon LC-39A?
Feb 2025 Transporter-13 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-40/SLC-4E
Feb 2025 Bandwagon-3 F9 LEO ?
? IM-3 F9 ? LC-39A
Early 2025 MRV-1 F9 GTO? Florida?
Apr 2025 Rivada (1st of 12 missions) F9 LEO SLC-4E
May 2025 Bandwagon-4 F9 LEO ?
Q2 2025 Transporter-14 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-40/SLC-4E
Aug 2025 Haven-1 F9 LEO ?
2025? Crew-9 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
Late 2025 Crewed HLS (Artemis III) Starship Moon LC-39A?
Q4 2025 Transporter-15 F9 LEO (SSO) SLC-40/SLC-4E
Nov 2025 Sentinel-6B F9 LEO SLC-4E
Dec 2025 IMAP F9 Escape Florida
2025 Globalstar/Apple F9 LEO ?
2025 SDA T1TL-B F9 LEO (PO) SLC-4E
2025? CRS-33 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
2025 SDA T1TL-C F9 LEO (PO) SLC-4E
2025 Skynet 6A F9 GTO Florida
2025 SDA T1TL-D F9 LEO (PO) SLC-4E
2025 SpainSat-NG II F9 GTO Florida
2025 KoreaSat 6A ? GTO ?
2025 SDA T1TL-E F9 LEO (PO) SLC-4E
2025 USSF-31 F9 ? Florida
2025? Vast-1 F9 + Dragon LEO LC-39A/SLC-40
? dearMoon Starship TLI ?
2026? CRS-34 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
Oct 2026 Roman Space Telescope FH E-S L2 LC-39A
2026 Arabsat 7A F9 GTO Florida
2026 Telesat Lightspeed (1st of 14 missions) F9 LEO Florida/SLC-4E
2026? CRS-35 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
2026 Griffin Mission 2 FH TLI LC-39A
2026 Crew-10 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
Mid 2026 Starship Lunar Rideshare Starship Moon ?
2027? Crew-11 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
2027 Superbird-9 Starship GTO LC-39A?
2028 GLS-1 FH + Dragon XL TLI LC-39A
2028? Crew-12 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
2029 GLS-2 FH + Dragon XL TLI LC-39A
2029? Crew-13 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40
2030? Crew-14 F9 + Dragon LEO (ISS) LC-39A/SLC-40

NET = No Earlier Than, NLT = No Later Than, F9 = Falcon 9, FH = Falcon Heavy, 10XX.# = Falcon first stage serial number (# indicates launch number), CXXX.# = Dragon capsule serial number (# indicates launch number), LEO = Low Earth Orbit, MEO = Medium Earth Orbit, GTO = Geostationary Transfer Orbit, GEO = Geostationary Earth Orbit, GSO = Geosynchronous Earth Orbit, PO = Polar Orbit, ISS = International Space Station, SSO = Sun Synchronous Orbit, TLI = Trans-Lunar Injection, TMI = Trans-Mars Injection, E-S Lx = The Earth-Sun Langrangian Point, BC = Boca Chica, Texas

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be great to also have the total number of upcoming flights manifested


08.10.19 – What changed for you to list the Starlink v1 missions as TBD?
Fantastic website, a big thumbs up from me

Sherri Vonch

So I see codes on the mission agenda for all tmi, is this being replaced on the mission agenda for Mars? Just curious.

Sherri Vonch

Also I see clearly and understand everything except my previous post question and when you talk tli and tmi “insertion” meaning “landing on” mars or moon?

Eric Gribble

Very good summary. there is a possibility of a dragon XL flight in 2022 or 2023. It has been hinted that it could be used in lunar orbit for docking verification for Artemis 2.


Per @TGMetsFan98 9/8/2020, USSF-44 is scheduled for 2/28/2021


Feb 7
09:31 as UTC
Starlink v1-17 Launch


The table in page at: Upcoming Events (UTC/24H)

Apr 5    Crew-1 Dragon Redocking

Apr 22
10:11   Crew-2 Launch

Apr 23
11:05 Crew-2 Dragon docks ISS

Apr 28 
~09:00 Crew-1 Dragon Departs ISS

Apr 28 
16:35 Crew-1 Dragon Splashdowns near Florida

update on March 30, 2021.

Last edited 2 years ago by MSS

Is DOGE-1 not a real mission? Thought maybe it would be on the Smallsat Rideshare Missions.


With USSF-44 and 52 swapped, the numbering of the side boosters needs changing.


I think USSF-31 will use FH