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Neuralink video reveals behind-the-scenes of the first N1 interface implantation

Neuralink began to look for additional candidates for its neural interface, and on this occasion, a new video about the first implantation was released. In it, Noland Arbaugh, the first user of the N1 interface, talks about his injury and the difficult life afterwards. Engineers who worked closely with him are also shown, capturing many amazing moments of this historic event.


Elon Musk’s busy two weeks – first flight of Starhopper, Neuralink announcement, Starship presentation and more

SpaceX is preparing for the first Starhopper flight and two Falcon 9 launches, Musk’s secretive company Neuralink will make its first public announcement, and Tesla will announce its financial results for the record-breaking second quarter. All of this will be followed by Musk’s presentation about the Starship rocket, which has undergone many design changes in recent months.