SpaceX Mission Patches

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  • June 24 – Added patches for SpX-18 and STP-2 (from SpaceX and USAF)
  • June 11 – Added RADARSAT Constellation Mission patch
  • May 15 – Added Starlink-1 patch
  • May 2 – Added CRS-17 SpaceX patch
  • April 9 – Added Arabsat 6A patch
  • March 27 – Added higher quality images for COTS-2 (NASA), Iridium-2 (Iridium) and Iridium-6 (Aireon)
  • March 25 – List published

SpaceX Mission Patches – Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy

Alternative Customer Patches (NASA and Others)

SpaceX Mission Patches – Falcon 1

Other Patches

To see non-graphic versions and many additional patches, visit SpaceX Patch List.

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