SpaceX Mission Patches

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  • Jun 25, 2024 – SpaceX patch for GOES-U added
  • Jun 6, 2024 – SpaceX patch for Starship IFT-4 added
  • May 29, 2024 – SpaceX patch for EarthCARE added
  • May 23, 2024 – NASA patches for CRS-29, 30 and 31 added
  • May 18, 2024 – ESA/JAXA patch for EarthCARE added
  • Apr 11, 2024 – SpaceX patch for USSF-62 added
  • Apr 7, 2024 – SpaceX patch for Bandwagon missions added

SpaceX Mission Patches – Starship

SpaceX Mission Patches – Falcon 1, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy

Alternative Customer Patches (NASA and Others)

Other Patches

To see non-graphic versions and many additional patches, visit SpaceX Patch List. To buy patches, visit SpaceX Patch List Collectors.

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The Space Store

We carry many of these patches as an official SpaceX vendor:

Billy Jomians

No one wants your fake Chinese patches, get your advertisements out of here. You all ready make enough scam money already.

Vince Maroni

Wildly inappropriate. Space Store is super reputable.

Richard J. Gauthier

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase some of these Patches.


There’s a Where To Buy table here:


they offer different kinds of patches ..with super quality


Yes, they make really cool ones.

Marco Leyendecker
Da habe ich die Patches von Matthias Maurer bestellt . Cosmic Kiss und Crew 3. Top Qualität

Richard J Gauthier

Where can I purchase the Iridium patches?


try to contact you-need-patches, you can made a request patch on them.
They bring high quality embroidery


you can buy lots of spaceX patches at ebay from a seller name: you-need-patches.
They do great patches with high quality


you-need-patches from German ebay. They create beautiful patches.

Lynn K

Mission Patch Button Badges either or
Both addresses take you to home page of Galaxy Badges


Has anyone been able to locate the Space X patch version of AX-3 or Ovzon 3?
They normally have a link in the launch pages, but lately there hasn’t been any.


you-need-patches at ebay has the Ovzon 3
here is the direct link
NASA ESA SpaceX ISS Axiom Ax-3 López-Alegríalogo Villadei Gezeravcı Wandt | eBay

Last edited 5 months ago by Exwing

I got the psyche


SpaceX Starship Test Flight 3 Starbase Texas patch sew on embroideryebay: you-need-patches




I was hunting for an original SpaceX issued Starship Test Flight patch on ebay. I noticed that there were a few listings for starship test flight patch employee version. What is the difference between the ones they sell at SpaceX website and the employee version?


Some people will describe it as an employee patch, but it’s the exact same patch from the SpaceX Store. And they will be charging many $$$ more than the $15 charge on the shop! The employee patch has the ‘X’ on it somewhere.


Was there an employee patch for Flight 3 as well? Do they produce employee patches for all their flights or just for specific ones?


Yes they always make employee patches for all of the Starship (and Falcon) flights so far. Of course they are for internal use. However they eventually leak out for sale on the bidding sites.

To get a customer (not ‘X’) patch these days is rare, you have to be paying for the launch or well placed. Fortunately SpaceX does release the Starship and usually Crew patches on their store.


Awesome! I do see the difference now that you mention it. Thanks so much for the info!