List of Dragon Crews

Falcon 9 with Crew Dragon (Credit: SpaceX)

In May 2020, SpaceX became the first company to transport astronauts to orbit. The DM-2 test mission was successful, and upon the return of the first two astronauts, SpaceX received NASA certification to conduct scheduled flights to the ISS with astronauts. At the same time, the first private missions with civilians were given the green light. SpaceX is currently planning a number of crewed missions, and this article lists them all.

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  • May 4, 2021 – List first published

Launch Date Mission Type Dragon Target Duration
2022 Free Flyer commercial ? LEO up to 5 days
Apr 2022 Crew-4 NASA ? ISS ~6 months
Jan 2022 Ax-1 commercial C207.3 ISS 10 days
Oct 2021 Crew-3 NASA C210.1? ISS ~6 months
Sep 2021 Inspiration4 commercial C207.2 LEO 3 days
Apr 23, 2021 ✅ Crew-2 NASA C206.2 ISS ~6 months
Nov 16, 2020 ✅ Crew-1 NASA C207.1 ISS 167 days ✅
May 30, 2020 ✅ DM-2 NASA C206.1 ISS 64 days ✅

Legend: ISS = Internation Space Station; LEO = Low Earth Orbit; CXXX.# = Dragon capsule serial number (# indicates launch number); NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA); JAXA = Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; ESA = European Space Agency

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