List of SpaceX Contracts

I couldn’t find a list of known SpaceX launch contract values, so I made my own list with all the launches I could find prices for. I’m sure there are some missing so please let me know if you are aware of any other contracts with known values and I can add them.

Some notes:

  • I skipped Falcon 1 launches since they’re not relevant these days
  • I didn’t include payloads that were contracted for Falcon 1 but ended up launching on Falcon 9 (CASSIOPE, Orbcomm, Formosat-5, etc.) since they’re special cases and don’t reflect real Falcon 9 prices
  • I found some commercial launches with estimated contract values but I’ve decided to not include those unless it’s a well-sourced estimate
  • I included booster information since it might factor into the launch price


  • November 4 – DART contract value was increased by $2.5M
  • July 11 – Article first published

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