Overview of Falcon Boosters

The following infographic lists all Block 5 boosters manufactured by SpaceX so far. Created by @SpaceNosey and maintained by @pedro_leon.

The infographic is usually updated after each launch. Last update: Jul 12, 2024

Full size can be downloaded here.

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Really cool graph!
Although why is the landing of the in-flight abort test marked as “failed”, it would fit better in the “not attempted” category imo.

John Lallemand

is robert boender still a engineer there?


I really dig this graph as well! So much info, so nicely accessible!

Only thing one could add were the launchpad the flight started from. Shortened to “40”, “39A” or “4E” across it would fit well above the liftoff arrows like with the landing spot. The longer names “CCSFS SLC-40”, “KSC LC-39A” and “VAFB SLC-4E” could get into the caption.

Also a small flight count coud fit under the booster name to save counting the so many flights of the lifeleaders now πŸ™‚ (The occational NASA-logo could worm itself above the name then.)

Again thanks for you work, much appreciated!

Ramiro Rivero

i really like this graphic, but it seems not up to date. We have had several launches in the last couple of weeks.


That’s a very cool picture. Does that update every launch?


I saw it. I followed on Twitter. thank you for sharing.

Ramiro Rivero

This graphic is great, but with the high cadence and number of resuses, it is getting very hard.
Do you have any plan about it?
Could it be a “roll over the core number and a pop up displays the information?


FYI, the current graphic (last updated 2022-09-20 after the Starlink 4-34 launch on 2022-09-18/19) is missing the second-most-recent launch, Starlink 4-2/Blue Walker 3 (B1058.14, 2022-09-10/11). IIRC, this launch was present on the preceding version of the graphic, so it seems to have gotten dropped accidentally when 4-34 was added.

Also, a minor nitpick: the date on B1069.1 is listed as “Dic 21 2021” rather than “Dec 21 2021”. (Guessing this is a bilingual slip-up since SpaceNosey primarily posts in Spanish. πŸ™‚)

BTW, thanks (to both you and SpaceNosey) for increasing the resolution of the embedded version! Much easier to read now without having to click for the full version! πŸ˜ƒ This has been an invaluable reference for keeping track of these boosters (especially since the textual/tabular formats used on other sites like Reddit are not so easy to follow now that there are so many flights).

Jose Cornejo

Good graphic, could you add something: several boosters are already programmed to fly, if they could include that information it would be great

What does dark blue background versus light blue b

What does dark blue background versus light blue background mean?

It’s just alternating shades of blue making it easier to determine which booster number you’re looking at.

jose cornejo

interesting as always, please check the overview page, viasat-3 appears double, with booster 1052 and 1053

Ramiro Rivero

Soory, but it seems that it was Booster 1058 which made the 17th landing!


Thanks for all the work you guys do to give us this information!! Just an fyi: Booster 1058 should have the September 19 launch…thank you!


Just one comment, launch complex for most recent mission on Sept. 25 should be “SLC-4E”. Thank you.

Ramiro Rivero

Thank you very much, @SpaceNosey. It has been a long journey, and this infographic has been one of my favorites for several years.
Already in May 2022 I was with the feeling that it was very difficult to keep up with the high cadence. Perhaps, we cpuld try to teach an AI how to make it.


Just noticed this morning that the date of yesterday’s Booster 1067-18 launch should be March 30, 2024 (it shows March 31, 2024). Thanks for all the hard work in preparing this site for all of us!!

Jose Cornejo

As always, thanks for the excellent information. To indicate that the B1060 block should pass to the left.