Overview of Falcon Boosters

The following infographic lists all Block 5 boosters manufactured by SpaceX so far. Made by @SpaceNosey.

The infographic will be updated after each launch. Last updated: November 24, 2021

Click the image or here for full resolution.

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Really cool graph!
Although why is the landing of the in-flight abort test marked as “failed”, it would fit better in the “not attempted” category imo.


I really dig this graph as well! So much info, so nicely accessible!

Only thing one could add were the launchpad the flight started from. Shortened to “40”, “39A” or “4E” across it would fit well above the liftoff arrows like with the landing spot. The longer names “CCSFS SLC-40”, “KSC LC-39A” and “VAFB SLC-4E” could get into the caption.

Also a small flight count coud fit under the booster name to save counting the so many flights of the lifeleaders now 🙂 (The occational NASA-logo could worm itself above the name then.)

Again thanks for you work, much appreciated!