Booster Landing Attempts

Date (UTC) Mission Success? Target Videos Notes
2021-12-02 Starlink 4-3 YES ASOG 1
2021-11-24 DART YES OCISLY 1
2021-11-13 Starlink 4-1 YES JRTI-2 1
2021-11-11 Crew-3 YES ASOG
2021-09-16 Inspiration4 YES JRTI-2 1
2021-09-14 Starlink 2-1 YES OCISLY First California landing on OCISLY
2021-08-29 CRS-23 YES ASOG 1 First landing on ASOG
2021-06-30 Transporter-2 YES LZ-1 1, 2
2021-06-17 GPSIII-SV05 YES JRTI-2 1
2021-06-06 SXM-8 YES JRTI-2 1
2021-06-03 CRS-22 YES OCISLY 1 With partial boostback, so the landing was only 303 km downrange (half of CRS-21)
2021-05-26 Starlink v1-28 YES JRTI-2 1
2021-05-15 Starlink v1-26 YES OCISLY 1
2021-05-09 Starlink v1-27 YES JRTI-2 1 First time a booster landed for the tenth time
2021-05-04 Starlink v1-25 YES OCISLY 1
2021-04-29 Starlink v1-24 YES JRTI-2 1
2021-04-23 Crew-2 YES OCISLY
2021-04-07 Starlink v1-23 YES OCISLY 1
2021-03-24 Starlink v1-22 YES OCISLY 1
2021-03-14 Starlink v1-21 YES OCISLY First time a booster landed for the ninth time
2021-03-11 Starlink v1-20 YES JRTI-2 1
2021-03-04 Starlink v1-17 YES OCISLY 1
2021-02-16 Starlink v1-19 NO OCISLY 1, 2 Booster experienced an anomaly after entry burn shutdown which led to the booster crashing in the ocean not far from OCISLY
2021-01-24 Transporter-1 YES OCISLY 1
2021-01-20 Starlink v1-16 YES JRTI-2 1 First time a booster landed for the eighth time
2021-01-08 Türksat 5A YES JRTI-2 1
2020-12-19 NROL-108 YES LZ-1 1, 2
2020-12-13 SXM-7 YES JRTI-2 1
2020-12-06 CRS-21 YES OCISLY 1
2020-10-25 Starlink v1-15 YES OCISLY 1 First time a booster landed for the seventh time
2020-11-21 Sentinel-6A YES LZ-4 1, 2, 3
2020-11-16 Crew-1 YES JRTI-2 1
2020-11-05 GPSIII-SV04 YES OCISLY 1
2020-10-24 Starlink v1-14 YES JRTI-2 1
2020-10-18 Starlink v1-13 YES OCISLY 1
2020-10-06 Starlink v1-12 YES OCISLY 1
2020-09-03 Starlink v1-11 YES OCISLY 1
2020-08-30 SAOCOM 1B YES OCISLY 1, 2, 3
2020-08-18 Starlink v1-10 YES OCISLY 1 First time a booster landed for the sixth time
2020-08-07 Starlink v1-9 YES OCISLY 1
2020-07-20 ANASIS-II YES JRTI-2 1
2020-06-30 GPSIII-SV03 YES JRTI-2 1
2020-06-13 Starlink v1-8 YES OCISLY 1
2020-06-04 Starlink v1-7 YES JRTI-2 1 First JRTI landing since the droneship was moved from California and upgraded
2020-05-30 Crew Dragon DM-2 YES OCISLY
2020-04-22 Starlink v1-6 YES OCISLY 1
2020-03-18 Starlink v1-5 NO OCISLY According to Elon Musk, one of the Merlin engines on the first stage shut down early during ascent
2020-03-07 CRS-20 YES LZ-1 1 According to Elon Musk, the rocket landed in highest winds ever at Cape Canaveral
2020-02-17 Starlink v1-4 NO OCISLY the booster intentionally landed in the water next to OCISLY due to winds being different than predicted
2020-01-29 Starlink v1-3 YES OCISLY 1 impact on landing was higher than usual
2020-01-07 Starlink v1-2 YES OCISLY 1
2019-12-17 JCSAT-18/Kacific-1 YES OCISLY 1
2019-12-05 CRS-19 YES OCISLY 1 OCISLY landing due to a longer S1 burn to support a 6-hour S2 thermal test
2019-11-11 Starlink v1-1 YES OCISLY 1 due to high payload mass, there was no boostback burn even though this was a LEO mission; record payload mass of 15 600 kg
2019-07-25 CRS-18 YES LZ-1 12
2019-06-25 STP-2 (center) NO OCISLY 1 the booster landed in the water next to OCISLY because the landing engine’s TVC failed
2019-06-25 STP-2 (side boosters) YES LZ‑1/LZ‑2 12 first Falcon Heavy side boosters landing at night
2019-06-12 RADARSAT Constellation YES LZ-4 1 first landing on LZ-4 in daylight
2019-05-24 Starlink-1 YES OCISLY due to high payload mass, there was no boostback burn even though this was a LEO mission
2019-05-04 CRS-17 YES OCISLY 1 OCISLY was positioned only 20 km off-shore because LZ-1 was unavailable due to the April 20 Crew Dragon anomaly
2019-04-11 Arabsat 6A (center) YES OCISLY 1 first successful Falcon Heavy center core landing; landing with highest velocity at MECO so far; booster was lost after successfully landing due to rough sea conditions
2019-04-11 Arabsat 6A (side boosters) YES LZ‑1/LZ‑2 12 first Block 5 Falcon Heavy side booster landing
2019-03-02 Crew Dragon DM-1 YES OCISLY 1
2019-02-22 Nusantara Satu YES OCISLY 1
2019-01-11 Iridium-8 YES JRTI-2 1
2018-12-05 CRS-16 NO LZ-1 1, 2, 3 first failed land landing attempt (emergency landing in ocean due to a hydraulic pump valve issue which caused grid fins to become uncontrollable)
2018-12-03 SSO-A YES JRTI-2 1 third landing for booster B1046; JRTI was just 44 km offshore
2018-11-15 Es’hail-2 YES OCISLY 1
2018-10-08 SAOCOM 1A YES LZ-4 123 first landing attempt on LZ-4; first Block 5 land landing
2018-09-10 Telstar 18V (APStar-5C) YES OCISLY 1
2018-08-07 Merah Putih YES OCISLY 1 first landing of a reused Block 5 booster
2018-07-25 Iridium-7 YES JRTI-2 1 first landing of a Block 5 booster on JRTI
2018-07-22 Telstar 19V YES OCISLY 1
2018-05-11 Bangabandhu-1 YES OCISLY 1 first Block 5 landing
2018-04-18 TESS YES OCISLY 1 last Block 4 landing
2018-04-02 CRS-14 YES? ocean booster had legs and grid fins but only landed in the ocean
2018-03-30 Iridium-5 YES? ocean booster had legs and grid fins but only landed in the ocean
2018-03-06 Hispasat 30W-6 YES? ocean booster had legs and titanium grid fins but only landed in the ocean due to bad weather preventing OCISLY from being present in the landing area
2018-02-06 FH Demo (center) NO OCISLY 1 outer Merlins failed to reignite which caused the booster to crash into ocean next to OCISLY
2018-02-06 FH Demo (MY/PY) YES LZ-2/LZ-1 12345 first Falcon Heavy side booster landing; first LZ-2 landing
2018-01-31 SES-16 (GovSat-1) YES ocean booster had legs and grid fins but only landed in the ocean and surprisingly survived in one piece (had to be scuttled)
2018-01-08 Zuma YES LZ-1 12
2017-12-23 Iridium-4 YES? ocean booster had grid fins but not legs and only landed in the ocean
2017-12-15 CRS-13 YES LZ-1 12 first land landing of a reused booster
2017-10-30 KoreaSat 5A YES OCISLY 1
2017-10-11 SES-11 (EchoStar 105) YES OCISLY 1
2017-10-09 Iridium-3 YES JRTI-2 1
2017-09-07 OTV-5 YES LZ-1 1
2017-08-24 Formosat-5 YES JRTI-2 1 booster landed only 70 cm off-center
2017-08-14 CRS-12 YES LZ-1 123 first Block 4 landing
2017-06-25 Iridium-2 YES JRTI-2 1 first landing with titanium grid fins
2017-06-23 BulgariaSat-1 YES OCISLY 12 possibly the roughest landing ever, also the first time OctaGrabber was used
2017-06-03 CRS-11 YES LZ-1 1
2017-05-01 NROL-76 YES LZ-1 1, 2
2017-03-30 SES-10 YES OCISLY 1 first time any booster landed twice
2017-02-19 CRS-10 YES LZ-1 1 first land landing in daylight
2017-01-14 Iridium-1 YES JRTI-2 1 first successful landing after launching from the West Coast; first successful JRTI landing
2016-08-14 JCSAT-16 YES OCISLY 1
2016-07-18 CRS-9 YES LZ-1 1
2016-06-15 ABS-2A / Eutelsat 117W B NO OCISLY 12 booster ran out of oxygen right before landing and hit the deck too hard
2016-05-27 Thaicom-8 YES OCISLY 1, 2, 3 radar issue lead to a somewhat hard landing, crush cores in the legs were used up and booster was sliding around the deck a lot until it could be secured
2016-05-06 JCSAT-14 YES OCISLY 1 first successful GTO landing
2016-04-08 CRS-8 YES OCISLY 1, 2, 3, 4 first successful droneship landing
2016-03-04 SES-9 NO OCISLY booster landed so hard it punched a hole through the deck
2016-01-17 Jason-3 NO JRTI-2 1 booster landed fine but one of the legs failed to lock properly and the rocket toppled
2015-12-22 Orbcomm-2 YES LZ-1 1, 2 first ever successful landing, first land landing
2015-04-14 CRS-6 NO JRTI-1 12, 3 landing failed due to an issue with “stiction in the biprop throttle valve, resulting in control system phase lag”
2015-02-11 DSCOVR YES ocean JRTI had to be called of before the launch due to bad weather at the landing area, booster landed in the ocean successfully
2015-01-10 CRS-5 NO JRTI-1 1, 2 first droneship landing attempt, first booster with grid fins, landing failed because the grid fins ran out of hydraulic fluid (open cycle system)
2014-09-21 CRS-4 NO ocean 1 booster ran out of oxygen
2014-07-14 Orbcomm-1 YES ocean 1, 2
2014-04-18 CRS-3 YES ocean 1 first successful ocean landing, first booster with landing legs
2013-09-29 CASSIOPE NO ocean 1 booster began to roll as it descended, centrifuging the fuel, and so starving the landing engine, the landing burn terminated early, and the booster impacted the ocean hard

OCISLY = Of Course I Still Love You (Marmac 304), JRTI-1 = Just Read the Instructions (Marmac 300), JRTI-2 = Just Read the Instructions (Marmac 303), ASOG = A Shortfall of Gravitas, LZ = Landing Zone, MY = minus Y axis side booster, PY = positive Y axis side booster

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