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How much does it cost to launch a reused Falcon 9? Elon Musk explains why reusability is worth it

SpaceX reached a new milestone recently when a Falcon 9 booster launched for the sixth time and then landed safely. How many more times can this booster launch? What’s the theoretical limit? And how much does it actually cost SpaceX to refurbish a Falcon 9 booster between launches and what does this process entail?


SpaceX used to conduct static fire tests before every launch, but not anymore. Why is that?

SpaceX used to perform a so-called static fire test before every launch of its Falcon 9 rocket. However, since 2020 SpaceX has in some cases not performed this pre-launch test at all. Let’s take a look at the purpose of a static fire, the types of missions where SpaceX skips this test, and try to figure out why. We will also explain why some static fires are performed with the payload attached and others without.


List of Falcon Static Fires

Complete list of all Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy static fires SpaceX has conducted or skipped. List contains booster numbers, videos, photos and notes. Also included is information about whether the payload was attached during the firing or not.


Tesla FSD Beta Highlights: The V10 update is both good and bad

Third episode of a new series highlighting interesting moments captured by Tesla FSD Beta testers. In this installment, we look at the V10 software update which was hyped by Elon Musk as “mind-blowing”. And while it’s true it improved in some areas and fixed several long standing issues, it’s also been making pretty dangerous mistakes.


Tesla FSD Beta Highlights: Cyclists and pedestrians in the road

Second episode of a new series highlighting interesting moments captured by Tesla FSD Beta testers. In this installment, we show several clips involving cyclists and pedestrians in the road. Autopilot usually has no problem going around them but sometimes the scenario can be pretty complex. Check out the video to see how the software handles these interesting situations.


Tesla FSD Beta Highlights: Running stop signs and red lights

First episode of a new series highlighting interesting moments captured by Tesla FSD Beta testers. In this installment, I show several examples of big mistakes that FSD Beta in the form of running red lights and stop signs. The video also talks about how Autopilot handles obscured signs and traffic lights or what happens when it encounters a stop sign that isn’t mapped.


What have we learned so far about Crew Dragon’s cupola, the largest window to ever fly to space

In less than two weeks, the ground-breaking Inspiration4 mission is scheduled to launch a Crew Dragon spacecraft into orbit with four crew members, none of whom are professional astronauts. Crew Dragon for this mission is equipped with a glass cupola to give the crew the best possible view during their three-day stay in Earth orbit. What have we learned so far about the largest window to ever be flown to space?


Watch how much has Tesla FSD Beta improved over 9 months

FSD Beta software is a version of Tesla Autopilot designed to eventually be capable of driving autonomously in virtually any situation. It’s definitely not there yet, but it has improved a lot since its initial release. I made a video that compares clips from two drives on the exact same route, but taken 9 months apart. The difference is stark.


List of Dragon Crews

After conducting several successful missions with NASA astronauts, SpaceX is currently planning a number of other crewed missions, including commercial ones. This article lists them all, along with known crew members.


List of Starship Test Flights

Simple list of all Starship and Super Heavy test flights (both past and future). Find out information on dates, altitudes, serial numbers, launch pads and videos from each flight.