Category: Updated


List of SpaceX Contracts

I couldn’t find a list of known SpaceX launch contract values, so I made my own list with all the F9/FH launches I could find prices for. The list will be updated over time.


List of Dragon Capsules

Maintained list of all produced Dragon 1 and Dragon 2 capsules and key information about them plus lots of photos. The list will be updated over time.


The Boring Company Projects

Since its inception, the Boring Company has announced several different projects it is working on. These tunnels are at different stages of development and some have even been cancelled. Other projects are still in the process of obtaining permits, while others are only hypothetical. On this page, you will find information about all Boring Company projects and their status.


Visual Mission Profiles

List of visual launch and landing profiles for each SpaceX mission for easy reference (starting with the Nusantara Satu mission).


SpaceX Statistics

Up-to-date list of all kinds of statistics related to SpaceX and their launches, landings and spacecraft.


Past SpaceX Launches

List of all SpaceX orbital launches along with mission outcome, landing attempt information, target orbit, Block number and more.


SpaceX Mission Patches

SpaceX creates a unique mission patch for every launch and some special milestones. This page has high-resolution graphic versions of all SpaceX patches and also some of the alternative ones from NASA, Iridium and others.