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Watch how much has Tesla FSD Beta improved over 9 months

FSD Beta software is a version of Tesla Autopilot designed to eventually be capable of driving autonomously in virtually any situation. It’s definitely not there yet, but it has improved a lot since its initial release. I made a video that compares clips from two drives on the exact same route, but taken 9 months apart. The difference is stark.


List of Dragon Crews

After conducting several successful missions with NASA astronauts, SpaceX is currently planning a number of other crewed missions, including commercial ones. This article lists them all, along with known crew members.


List of Starship Test Flights

Simple list of all Starship and Super Heavy test flights (both past and future). Find out information on dates, altitudes, serial numbers, launch pads and videos from each flight.


Canceled SpaceX Projects: Falcon Rocket with a Reusable Upper Stage

Over the years, Elon Musk has played with the idea of making Falcon’s second stage reusable but it never materialized. Sadly, development of this new method has been eventually abandoned. In this article, we aim to shine some light on Musk’s past statements about Falcon’s second stage reusability and explain why it is such a difficult task.


SpaceX Fairing Recoveries

SpaceX has been working for years towards recovering and reusing payload fairings. Each fairing half is equipped with a steerable parafoil and thrusters which allow the fairings to land in the ocean or on a ship with a net. This list contains all fairing recovery attempts and will be updated over time.