Tesla FSD Beta Highlights: Running stop signs and red lights

FSD Beta is the most advanced driver assistance system Tesla has developed so far. It enables Autopilot to drive on pretty much any road autonomously and follow rules of the road. However, it doesn’t make the car fully autonomous because Autopilot still makes mistakes and the driver is fully responsible for the car and needs to pay attention at all times.

Tesla released FSD Beta last year to a small group of testers who are allowed to record their test drives and share them publicly. I watch most of the videos these early testers share and it’s great to see how much the software improved over the last year, as I’ve tried to demonstrate in my previous video on this topic.

Making that comparison video gave me an idea to start collecting interesting moments captured by FSD Beta testers and highlight them in the form of short videos. Today, you can watch the first episode which shows several examples of big mistakes that FSD Beta made in the context of red lights and stop signs. These events are quite rare but that makes them even more interesting! The video also talks about how Autopilot handles obscured signs and traffic lights or what happens when it encounters a stop sign that isn’t mapped.

If you enjoy this series and would like to help me keep making it, please reach out to me at kontakt@elonx.cz. I’m looking for a native English speaker who could provide a nicer voice over and also a video editor and/or a graphic designer to help me out so I can focus more on writing the scripts and finding interesting clips to showcase.

Please let me know how you like the new series, what I should improve upon and which areas of FSD testing I should showcase in the future. And remember to like, subscribe and all that. πŸ™‚

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